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Tour Type: Daily Tour
Duration: 45 minutes
Maximum number of people: Unlimited
Location: Gjirokaster


One of the traditions, part of our intangible heritage that you can still try in Gjirokaster is the Stone Coffee! You can participate in the whole process of making this coffee, from roasting it on the fire, grinding it on a coffee stone and tasting it on mahogany. Firstly the fire is lit with oak wood and the kebab is filled with coffee beans. After this it will be pressed on a stone which is extracted from the limestone rocks found on the Çullo’s stream located in Gjirokaster.It is said that the coffee is pressed 800 times on the stone. After this, the coffee is boiled in a copper pot on the fire.
This unique experience is accompanied by a glass of Raki and also a dessert such as Gliko very typical in these areas. Become part of this tradition and enjoy a coffee the way they did it more than 200 years ago!

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